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To restrict oneself to common law or statutes, without taking into account the evolution of the English Legal System, and without having a clear and concise view of English history, would be to adopt an overly simplistic approach.

English Law as it is today is not a result of an act or a series of acts but rather a culmination of numerous events that started well before 1066 and whatever the situation may be today, we have to understand its roots and its origins in order for us to acquire a comprehensive understanding, not only of the English Legal System, but also of the spirit of the law, i.e. the true motivation behind laws (theoretically speaking) which is the need to do what is good and right and the notion that right must always prevail over wrong or to take it a step further, good must always prevail over evil which goes back to the tenets of the Christian Church.

The Law obviously has to change with time to meet the needs of the people but the fundamentals are always more or less the same.

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