Equity II

Following the Norman conquest of England local laws (which later became known as common law), these were not laws that were created but rather preexisting laws that were incorporated, laws that existed during the Roman occupation of the British Isles, most of which were ecclesiastical based or founded on church law (canon law), historically English Law or English Common Law had the principles of the Christian Church as its cornerstone, were enforced by the King’s Council and that led to the emergence of the Royal Courts.

The Royal Courts began to take over the function of the local courts, or the preexisting adjudicating mechanism. It was a process that occurred over a period of time and a practice of sending judges around to hold assizes or sittings locally, to hear the cases and to ensure that all cases were decided in accordance with the law, was created.

Trials per se were adversarial and both parties were given the opportunity to prove their case or disprove the other and that transfer of authority from the hands of the local courts to that of the assize judges occurred over a period of two hundred years.

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