Equity I

English law as it is applied today starts with the conquest of England by William I – Duke of Normandy, a region in France, in 1066. William I was of Viking descent. He became Duke of Normandy in 1035, and after a bitter struggle to establish his authority which culminated is his success; he managed to establish his authority by 1060, he launched his campaign to secure the British Isles and was successful six years later (1066) and those that followed him from Normandy became known as the Normans.

The first inhabitants of the British Isles were the Anglo-Saxons who were a Germanic tribe that began migrating to the east and south of England from Denmark after the Romans began withdrawing from England in 5 AD. The first King of England was Egbert (802) (Anglo-Saxon)

Though the Norman-Anglo Saxon distinction has little or no significance in modern day England and most historians choose to discard it, England is far too complex for that, it is something that is worth knowing.

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