Crime CLXXX-Criminal Damage XX

The endangerment to life, in order to obtain a conviction under the Criminal Damage Act 1971, (s.1(2)) must be endangerment that was the result of damage to property and not endangerment that arose through any other means.

In R v Steer (1987) the defendant had a dispute with his business partner and as a result the disgruntled defendant went over to his business partner’s residence armed with a shotgun and fired shots at his sitting room and bedroom windows and at his door. The defendant was charged and convicted for causing criminal damage and the defendant appealed.

The conviction was quashed. It was held that endangerment to life as per s.1(2)(b) of the Criminal Damage Act 1971 must arise from damage to property and not through or via any other means and in this instance because the damage that was done to the windows and door did not endanger the life of the defendant’s business partner, the defendant was found to be not guilty.

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